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Naruto Porn Story: A piece of heaven

Naruto Porn Story: A piece of heaven

A Piece of Heaven

Sometimes Temari looks down her own body, and stands surprised by what meets her. What she sees is not beautiful at all. It is strange, and hard, and not at all a womans body, despite the generous curves. The body of a warrior. The mind of a kunoichi. And she is not beautiful, she is not

And nothing of that matters, nothing at all, because

Because even though she hides behind that hard shell, makes herself unreachable, as soon as Hinata smiles, all she has to do is to smile, she manages to find that crack in the shell, and crawl underneath it, caress the parts of her that no one else has touched.

Because even though the skin on her nose is burnt by Sunas sun, Hinata still tweaks it gently before she leans in to kiss it.

Because even though her hands are those of a full-fledged warrior, calloused and dry, Hinata still squirms and pants and whimpers when she tries her best to make herself, all of her, soft and tender for her.

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Sakura vs Sasuke… and his ample rock hard fellow fuck-stick!

Hentai Video: Sakura vs Sasuke… and his ample rock hard fellow fuck-stick!

The report contains only teen characters from Naruto and gets them in all kinds of perverse situations! Sex-starved Sasuke blowing a cock like she was born to do it and getting fucked in the ass with no mercy! Lusty bitch from Naruto craves to take on this heaviest fuck load in her entire lifetime!

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Naruto Porn Story: Gaara the best kazekage

Naruto Porn Story: Gaara the best kazekage

Gaara was going back to the hiden sand when he saw Tenten sakura and Ino fighting and loseing to orochimaru. He step in to help them. I The kazekage will not let you hurt my friend said Gaara. In the end Gaara use sand tsunami and Sand barrel to beat Orochimaru. Thank said ino tenten and sakura there is no need to thank me it the kazekage job to protect people. But still we want to give you something. The three girl got naked here you can fuck us as a reward. There is no need for me to get a reward said Garaa. Come on you earn it said sakura. Ok if you want to said Gaara. Me first said Ino. He fuck Ino pussy and lick sakura pussy and finger Tenten. Then Gaara heard a nosie he use his sand to pull the person hiding out from behind the tree it was Tayuya what do you want said Garra i want to join said Tayuya let her join said ino still riding Gaara. ok she can join. Gaara finger her with his other hand.Let swich said Tenten ok said Garra fuck me next ok said sakura then lick my pussy said tenten finger me ad tayuya said ino. Sakura give Gaara a blowjob befor she fuck. They fuck for 5 min then they swich. fuck me now said Tenten lick me said Tayuya and finger me and sakura said ino. After 5 min they swich lick me now said ino finger me and sakura said Tenten. No said Tayuya don’t fuck my pussy I like it more in my ass said Tayuya. Ok said Gaara i will fuck your ass oohh that good said Tayuya. I am cumming Said gaara me too said the 4 girl. Garra pull out of Tayuya ass befor he cum the 4 girl cum too. They all put on there cloth here said Sakura it Tantan Ino and my number call us when you want to fuck here is my too said tayuya. Thank said Gaara this was fun. they all left and went back to there village. Was the mission a success Kazekage yes said Gaara. Then here is the reward no thank said Gaara the mission was reward enough. The end

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