Naruto Pornography Story: Cant let go

Naruto Pornography Story: Cant let go

Sakura had been troubled all night and day since she herd that Ino-pig had a boyfriend and she didnt! Ok, even though it was Choji, at least she had someone! And Sakura was alone. And even now there was nobody to console her.

She had decided to take a walk around Konoha that way she could possibly burn off the added fat from her spiraling downward ice cream depression. But unfortunatlely for her God decided to mess with her today and have ever couple in Leaf Village come out of there houses and show her what she didnt have.

A person to love.

Quickly trying to find her way back to her apartment so she could drown herself in some cake, she started to sniffle. But by the time she passed the ramen shop, she burst into silent tears.

Now she was starting to feel like an infelt. Trying to wipe her tears from her eyes, while not looking where she was going, Sakura bumped into a person. Falling backwards on her butt, Sakura quickly scrambled to her knees and saw who she hit.

She gasped when she saw Naruto and Sasuke in a pile on the ground.

N-N-Naruto? S-Sasuke? What are you doing here? she asked while trying to wipe the dirt and dust from her clothes and tear stained face.

Well, we stopped by your house to see if you wanted to come to the Ramen house with us! But you werent there so… Naruto started to say.

But we decided to go without you. Sasuke finished, not really caring.

Naruto looked a little alarmed when Sasuke said that. And braced himself for a blow to his head or a yell, which ever came first.

Oh. was all that Sakura said before looking back down at the ground again.

Looking back at Sasuke with a death glare, Naruto not so softly slapped Sasuke in the chest. Sasuke just pft in his usual manner and stuffed his hands into his pockets.

Uhh, Sasuke didnt mean that Sakura. He just meant that maybe you had something better to do then hang out with a couple of boys ya know? We thought maybe you were with Tsunade-sama or maybe Ino-pig! said Naruto in a hurried voice, trying to calm the almost hysteric Sakura.

Thats ok Naruto. I know what he meant. And its alright. she said while trying to stop herself from making a scene.

Well, youre welcome to join us at the ramen bar if youd like. offered Naruto starting to calm down.

R-really? Is that ok with you Sasuke? she asked with a small smile.

Sasuke huffed a Whatever at her and started to walk towards the bar with his hands still in his pockets.

Following after Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto made their way to the Ichiraku, After stating their claim on seats at the small bar, each team member ordered some ramen. While waiting for their ramen, they made small talk amongst themselves. Sasuke kept quiet except for the usual grunt here and there.

When their ramen finally arrived, they all said, Itadakimasu and ate. Some more civil than others. Naruto wasted no time to devour his ramen. Sasuke merely ate with as much grace as a floating feather waiting to touch the ground. Looking on both sides of her, Sakura could see what she wanted in a man in both Sasuke and Naruto. Both so strong and brave, the other a genius, while the other kind of slow. But one had a lot of character while the other hid in the shadows wishing he were somewhere else. Sakura wouldnt ever admit it to anyone, but she loved both of her childhood friends equally. And that was a lot of love to share.

In the meantime of her pondering, Naruto had eaten all of his large bowl of ramen, and was wondering if he could sneek a few bites from Sakuras bowl. Barely even touched her food, and by now just picking and poking at it, Sakura got the hint and slid it over in front of Naurto.

Thanks Sakura! You read my mind! replied Naruto.

When Sakura didnt reply with a Youre welcome Naruto stopped in mid-slurp to ask what was wrong. Even Sasuke had to stop eating. She had been extremely quiet the whole night.

Its nothing really. I-I-I just feel a little depressed. After you guys are done, do you think you could walk me home, and stay a little while? I dont want to be by myself tonight. Sakura had said this while her head was cast down to her lap where her lotion smooth hands fiddled with the hem of her skirt.

Naruto swallowed the mouthful he had and answred with a smiling yes. Looking over at Sasuke, Sakura assumed he would go since he probably didnt have anything else to do.

Sakura was quiet all the walk to her apartment. After making their way up the stairs to her apartment, the team began to grow a little nervous towards each other. Never in their many years as a friends or enemys had the air been so thick with tention. Finally arriving at her door, Sakura fished around her pocket for her keys.

Sasuke and Naruto were shocked -to say the least- at what Sakuras apartment looked like. The living room was littered with bowls caked with dried ice cream. Packages of cookies were strewn on the coffee table while boxes of chocolates were shoved into the seats of the sofa.

Wow, you must have been really depressed Sakura. said Naruto a tad flabbergasted by the scene in front of him.

Sasuke just stood there half expecting Choji to jump out of a corner somewhere and tell Sakura that she was out of food!

Yeah, things havent been that great. You know? said Sakura putting on a weak fake smile. Make yourselves at home. Im going to get us some tea.

Naruto looked at Sasuke giving him a what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-her look. Sasuke shrugged and began to sweep the boxes and crud from off the sofa. Both boys sat down and waited for Sakura to return with the tea.

Backing out of the kitchen using her butt to open the swinging door. Sakura carried a tray of tea and cups and set them down on the coffee table.

Wheres the toilet? asked Sasuke.

Sakura replyed with a point down the hall while she sipped some tea.

When Sasuke left, Naruto tried to start up a conversasion with Sakura. Inevitably at some point Sakura made a witty comment that made Naruto laugh and spill some of his tea on his pants. Gasping Sakura grabbed a napkin and started to dab the stain.

Uhh, thats okay Sakura Ill get it! said Naruto quickly trying to get Sakuras hands away from his crotch where the tea had unfortunatly landed.

Not paying any attention to him, Sakura continued to dab until she felt some pressure on her fingers. Thinking it was Narutos thigh, she just pressed again. But stopped when she heard Naruto moan. Looking at his face Sakura could see his face contorted in a way of pleasure. His strange whiskered cheeks were covered in a crimson blush. While his cerulean eyes were glazed over with lust. Sakura gasped slightly as Naruto grabbed her wrist and her shoulder and pulled her to him and kissed her with a sweet light kiss.

She could feel the heat of her blush intensify ten fold. Naruto opened his mouth a jar to let his tongue slip through and lick across Sakuras lips. Hesitantly letting him in, Sakura found that even frenching Naruto was so gentle.

When Sakura finally got the strength to push Naruto away a little bit, she gasped for air. Seeing movement from the corner of her eye Sakura turned her head to see Sasuke with a smirk on his face.

So, you wanna finish this in the bedroom? he asked nonchalantly.

Sakura didnt get a chance weather to say yes or no. Naruto pulled her by her wrist which he never let go and almost dragged her to the bed room.

All the way there she was trying to think of an excuse not to have actual sex with Naruto and possibly Sasuke. Or wherever this was going to end. But deep down, this is what she was dreaming about late at night when she didnt have anyone still. Silently touching herself where Sasuke or Naruto should be. Willingly please her to both of their satisfaction. But now she has the chance to experiencing that of her own wet dreams. She didnt want to mess this up.

When Sasuke opened Sakuras bedroom door, he waited for Naruto to drag Sakura in before entering himself. He then closed the door and locked it. When he turned around he saw that Naruto and Sakura were making out again.

A slight smile graced his lips before it disappeared as quickly as is appeared. He slowly made his way to the edge of the bed where Naruto and Sakura were clawing at each other.

~*~*~*~Sakuras POV~*~*~*~

When Naruto pulled me over to the bed, he automatically started to make out with me again. To say the least his kisses where nothing short or spectacular. After a few minutes, I felt Sasuke behind me. He placed his hands on my shoulders and started to rub them a little. Then when I sounded no objection, he let his hands wonder a little in the front. He let his hands rest on the top of my breasts for a moment while he watched Naruto and I kiss.

Do you like the feel of Narutos tongue inside of your mouth Sakura? asked Sasuke.

He continued to whisper obscene things into my ear as Naruto kissed me. When I didnt reply he let his hands fall a little to the bottom of my breasts and he left them in his hands like you would a piece of fruit for heft.

You didnt answer my question Sakura. he said as he squeezed my breasts.

I could only moan into Narutos mouth as Sasuke kneaded my breasts a couple times. Not feeling that it was an appropriate answer to his question, he tugged at my nipples roughly. I gasped and leaned back on Sasuke which stopped Naruto from kissing me. Not really minding, he went to work on my neck. Naruto sucked and nipped at the delicate flesh on my neck. Sasuke pulled again waiting for an answer.

Answer me. Do you like the feel on Narutos tongue in your mouth? he asked again, giving my nipples a sharp pinch.

Y-Yes! I love his tongue in my mouth! I answered.

I felt Naruto smirk against my skin as he stopped kissing my neck and started to undo my blouse. One by one, my shirt became looser and looser as each button popped from place. When he was done Naruto let my blouse slide off of my shoulders so Sasuke could get a nice eyeful.

Wow Naruto, doesnt Sakura have a nice rack? Sasuke asked.

I was so embarrassed by that last remark that I put my arms infront of my chest to hide my breasts from both boys. Grabbing my arms and pulling them apart rather roughly Sasuke made Naruto hold my arms while he worked the clasp on my pink silk bra. After getting it done in record time, Sasuke threw it across the room where I assume he flung my blouse. He went under my arms and grabbed my rack by having the bottoms of my breasts in his hands and closing his thumb on top of my nipple and the sides of his index fingers on the bottom. And then he gave them both a nice squeeze. I made a small yelping noise, which made Sasuke laugh and Naruto smile.

It made me nervous just being in front of Naruto with everything hanging out. He started to lean forward, and eventually taking my exposed part of my nipples in his mouth. It was so warm and moist. My nether regions started to moisten a little. Every time Naruto sucked on my nipples he sapped some of my strength away. Soon I didnt have enough strength to even hold my arms up. Feeling that they were almost limp, Naruto let them fall to my sides.

I was completely supported by Sasuke, who I assume was enjoying me twitch and squirm every for moments. After a few minutes I mustered up the courage to see what Naruto was doing exactly. Without me realizing it, Naruto had taken his hands and grasped them around my breasts also with Sasukes hands and was licking around my nipple and then took the entire nipple into his mouth. Along with Sasukes finger. Before long, he was just sucking on Sasukes finger. Sasuke sighed a little and brought Naruto closer to him. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. They were kissing each other. It wasnt like that time Naruto had slipped and kissed Sasuke at the academy. This was so much hotter. They used tongue and everything!

After they had finished, Sasuke pulled Naruto a little closer and whispered something into his ear. Naruto nodded and smirked at me. Turning my head a little I saw Sasuke give me a little smirk and started to nibble on my ear lobe. Naruto took each of my legs into his hands and spread them apart.

Pulling my skirt up to my waist, he could see my small pink thong panties. Naruto reached over and took a finger and traced my slit from the bottom up. Letting a gasp, I slid down further Sasukes chest.

~*~*~*~Narrators POV~*~*~*~

For the fear of sliding off the bed, Sasuke situated Sakura so that her head was only a foot away from the headboard. Moving from beneath her, Sasuke placed her on her back and moved to her side. He could see that Naruto was about ready to rip off all of his clothes and take Sakura now.

Just wait Naruto. I have a little plan for Sakura. sneered Sasuke.

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