Highly Very Pretty Supreme Face Love Stud

This comic written in black and white is about two young ninjas. They train each day but this morning the pair chose to do something more interesting than throwing daggers at a mannequin. They began to kiss and undress, and they started to lick their intimate parts. The guy then begins to sex the beautiful girl and makes her moane with delight. The girl is insatiable and is eager to keep going. What else do you find in this comic? Let’s take a look.

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Tsunade no In Kangoku

A black and white comic that shows how athletic and sexy Tsunade and Hinata are having depraved sex. In the beginning, the girls undress and hug one another. They twist their nipples and display their beautiful, round bodies. The beauty queens also make use of sex toys to get sexual pleasure. After that, the who are enthralled by their mares will need to eat a large chicken. Let’s get started by reading the comic.

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Cactus Ninja Path -Abnormal Battle

The path to becoming the ninja can be lengthy and difficult. However, a beautiful beauty called Sakura has decided to take this route in order to achieve the rank of 16 Dan mastery. She’s waiting to take the very first endurance test. Sakura will have to undergo sexual relations with her master. Sakura must endure three hours of wild fucking in every one of her sexy spots before she can get through the test. Let’s read the comic to discover what transpires in the coming days.

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Uchiha no Sarada-chan

A disgusting porn comic that focuses on a young girl who is referred to as a bookworm by everyone. The girl reads books and is always in the library. She wears glasses and appears weird. One day, everything is different when a handsome gentleman arrives at the library. The girl realizes it is the right time to learn an effective throat blowjob. She has read about it in books. Are you curious about how their relationship will develop? Then enjoy the comic right now.

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Saboten Nindou 2

There are many stories about the Naruto cartoon in this collection of black and white sexually explicit comics. Girls who are sexy have diverse ways of getting sexual pleasure. You will be able to see how one of them loves morning masturbation using a big vibrator while lying in bed and moaning in silence. You can also see how one needs wild sex like a stallion who fucks a mare at the stable. We can begin reading the comic to learn more.

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Hinata Entertains her Guests

Hinata is a busy lady was able to arrange sex with a group of friends. In her wild mind she was thinking of trying interracial sex. Hinata invites two black men to join her, and they strip. These black stallions are huge sausage-loving pigs. Will be a sexy Hinata be able to take on these boys or will blacks take advantage of Hinata in her tight and pink holesbringing her to multiple gasps.

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Hina Bitch

This hentai parody comics has two interesting features. One if them is that it is focused on Hinata who is probably one of the most shy female characters from the “Naruto Shippuden” series. Another interesting thing is that every page are centered around Hinata. This comic is essential reading for anyone who is a Hinata fan. Are you one?

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NARUTO Sakura Comic (Colored) (Translated)

It has finally happened – after a long walk nearby Sakura has finally decided to lure Naruto by the way she looks her big , naked tits following which they’ll enjoy plenty of kinky fun together that will include some of the most enjoyable activities like Teasing, titty sucking blowjob, handjob, and sexual activity in various places! Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be someone’s wet dream at all…

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Naruto Pornography Story: Sakura y naruto, practicando

Naruto Pornography Story: Sakura y naruto, practicando

Naruto, Sakura y Kakashi se encontraban en un lavabo público de la villa de Konoha; el primero con una cara de felicidad que expresaba lo que había pasado hacía apenas unos segundos, en cambio Sakura se había quedado con ganas y parecía que Naruto no podría satisfacerla; pero no estaba todo perdido ya que en los últimos meses había estudiado para ser una ninja médico, y el entrenamiento de Kakashi le había dado una comprensión del cuerpo masculino que de otra forma no hubiese tenido.

Sakura se concentró en el miembro de Naruto, y poco a poco le fue traspasando su chakra a través de las manos, estimulando los centros nerviosos y haciendo que en breves segundos estuviese lleno de vigor de nuevo.

A qué esperas Naruto? Ahora no me puedes decir que estás cansado!

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Naruto Porno Story: The medic – part Three

Naruto Porno Story: The medic – part Three

She always saw him with a different girl after practice, Either usually a Blonde or a Red-head. As she thought about it, she realized the only reason that many girls would be going with him would be due to a more… hidden physical characteristic. Tsunade realized that thinking about this player was making her a little warm. She loosened her collar a bit and wondered to herself why that was. The answer it seemed was obvious: Since she had graduated from college at the start of the summer, she had been obsessed with finding a job. She had always had a steady supply of men before graduation, the most recent being Sam the plumber, but after all this time she realized the absence of them was getting to her. Being a nurse, she had learned to take care of herself, and with a flat stomach, tight ass, and perky boobs, she had always attracted most anyone she wanted. However, dressed in her current outfit that was more for utility than for showing off, and after having done physicals for most of the day, she wasn’t looking her best. This train of thought led her back to the player. Picking up her chart she saw his name. “Naruto” she said “please head into the exam room and remove all clothes except your Boxers or Briefs. I’ll be right back there. ” Naruto, clearly used to this drill every year, headed back into the exam room with a quick “kay” to her. …to be continued!

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